Venice Art Classic & Downtown Naples Festival of the Arts

The best part about traveling to the west coast at this time of year… seeing all the alligators along I-75 in the Everglades!  They are such amazing creatures, and I’m not just saying that because I call myself a “Gator”.  Also, Laila, my shih tzu who has been on A LOT of road trips in her one year of life, loves the wind in her face- even at 70mph… she is the craziest dog.


Venice and Naples are beautiful cities, both with gorgeous coast lines- I have to say, I think I prefer west cost beaches to east coast beaches!  Although we have snorkeling and diving beat on the east coast, the beaches in Venice and Naples are so pure, and didn’t seem as “commercial” as beaches on the east coast. I even saw a spoonbill flying over the beach in Venice… something that would never happen, it’d even be a rare sight in the Keys!

Setting up in Naples was a little challenging, as I sprained my wrist playing tennis last week- special thanks to my mom for doing all the heavy lifting, twisting and turning last weekend!