Can’t wait to paint this!

Eagle Ray Michelle Nicole Lowe Watercolor Painting Islamorada Florida Keys Marine Life ArtThese are one of my favorite creatures to see in the ocean.  They are so majestic, graceful, and that black and white is beautiful!!

Loggerhead from Above…

Loggerhead Turtle Florida Keys Michelle Nicole Lowe Art Watercolor Painting

Sargassum Seaweed Floating on By…

Michelle Nicole Lowe Art Gallery Florida Keys Watercolors Tropical Fish Art


New Plates at the Gallery

Michelle Nicole Lowe Tropical Dinnerware Plates Fish ArtCheck out my new plates- only available in the Gallery!  Michelle Nicole Lowe Art Gallery, 81904 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, Florida Keys, MM 81.9 Bayside

Reef Eyes, Framed and Hanging!

Michelle Nicole Lowe Reef Eyes Tropical Fish ArtEmails like this one make me so happy!  From a customer who was in recently: “I was in your gallery a few weeks ago and purchased several of your remaining “Eyes of the Reef” prints.. I wanted to share a photo of them on the wall in my home, and let you know they bring a smile and fond memories of my time spent on Islamorada when I look at them.”

Write Up in the Examiner – Michelle Nicole Lowe Art Gallery, Islamorada, June 2014

Michelle Nicole Lowe Art Gallery Islamorada Angelfish painting

A Write Up in the Miami Herald, May 2014

Michelle Nicole Lowe Watercolor Triggerfish Painting in Progress Islamorada Gallery

Tarpon on Fly!

Michelle Nicole Lowe Tarpon Fly FishingA few days ago, I caught my first tarpon on fly!  It was a beautiful, calm morning on the water and just as the sun was rising, I hooked up!  Seeing this 80 pound dinosaur-like fish break the surface leaping out of the water was fantastic.  My excitement was, and still is, indescribable!  Here are a couple photo’s to set the scene for you.  Thank you to Captain Camp Walker for taking me out on an awesome early morning trip of a lifetime.  I am always amazed this beauty is in our ‘backyard’ here in the Keys.

In October, I had the opportunity to attend Sandy Moret’s Fly Fishing School and have been hooked on using a fly rod ever since.  Something about making the fly soar through the air is addicting!  Not to mention teasing a giant tarpon into eating the tiny feathers at the end of your line, seeing them strike the fly, hearing your reel squeal and feeling that strong pull!  Yes, I really am addicted.  I highly recommend the school down here in Islamorada to anyone interested.  No matter your age, skill level or experience, I guarantee you will enjoy every moment.

Stand by for more tarpon paintings, coming soon!

NEW Painting!

Michelle Nicole Lowe Green Turtle Watercolor Painting“Jack”, watercolor on paper, 9″ x 21″

After a visit in the Fall to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, I have a lot of turtle ideas to get painted!  This is my first- this is Jack, who was very curious about the camera I was putting in his tank.  He is a juvenile Green Turtle.

As you may know, my great-Grandfather, Archie Lowe, was a turtle harvester in Key West in the 1940′s.  Back then, they caught Green Turtles and sold them off the docks of Key West to buyers around the world.  I have an article from the Miami Herald, in which he’s quoted saying there weren’t any more turtles in Key West for the season, they’d have to be imported for the rest of the year.  They had no idea they were wiping the Green Turtle population out.  In 1982, Green Turtles became an endangered species, and today, we love seeing them again in the Keys.  The Turtle Hospital opened in 1986 to provide rehab to injured sea turtles, to research and to educate the public- you can visit the hospital, and go on a tour of their adorable patients, in Marathon, FL at MM 48.5 (

Here is a video I took of “Jack” this past September at the Turtle Hospital… enjoy!

Curious Jack at the Turtle Hospital – Click to Watch Video

Gallery Visitors Contemplating A Set of MNL Notecards…

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