Monthly Archives: August 2012

Isaac Leaves Florida Keys in Peace- & a New Angelfish Painting!

Isaac only brought Islamorada some strong wind and rain, thankfully.  I hope it is also gentle on the Gulf Coast, as it is heading there now.

I was able to paint yesterday, all day long!  Here is a blueface angelfish, second in the series I am working on (the first in the series is the clownfish I posted yesterday).  Hope you enjoy!

– Michelle, Islamorada, Florida Keys 8.27.12

Angelfish watercolor painting Michelle Nicole Lowe Florida Keys Islamorada

Helloo, Clownfish! Working on a New Series…

Hoping to get lots of painting in this weekend while Isaac passes over us!  Here’s the first of a new series I’ll be working on.  I have had a love for clownfish since I had one in my aquarium as a little girl!  Will post the whole set of originals when they are finished.

Fast Buck Freddie’s Pop Up Art Gallery in Key West

This past weekend I was the visiting artist at Fast Buck Freddie’s Pop Up Art Gallery in Key West on Duval Street.  The historic department store has been open on the heart of Duval St. for 37 years, and closed this July.  While owner Tony Falcone looks for a long term tenant, he has opened his doors to Key West galleries and Florida Keys artists to show their work.  The Pop Up Art Gallery invited me to be their first visiting artist on July 21 & 22, 2012.  I had a great time meeting many tourists, gallery owners and Key West’s art aficionados, and also got to paint while I was there.  July 21 was also the final round of the Hemingway Lookalike Contest, so I met a few contestants in the Gallery.  Hemingway would have been 113 years old on July 21st!

I love connecting with people from all over the world through my art, and when I get to do it in the air conditioning on Duval Street, that’s always a plus. :)

– Michelle Nicole Lowe, Islamorada, Florida 8.1.2012