Monthly Archives: August 2011

New Painting: “Reef Beauties”


Recently, I was inspired while snorkeling to paint three of the most colorful “big” fish on the reef.  Of course the little tropical fish like tangs and damsels are beautiful and have amazingly vibrant colors, but these are larger fish that have the same color intensity- they’re incredible.  I love painting these bold colors with watercolors in high detail.  Which one is your favorite??

Click on “Gallery” above to see my parrotfish, hogfish and queen angelfish… and they are of course for sale, as a set of three, just click on “Store” at the top of the page.  I print them on fine art paper, which looks great framed floating in glass (the fine art paper print sits between two pieces of glass and the area where a mat would usually be is clear), and I also print them on canvas- with their white background, they pop right out at you!

Saturday! the Ocean, after the 4th of July

Lobstering on the first weekend of the regular season in Islamorada was an adventure!  There were lots of green turtles around- perhaps because of all the jellyfish in the water (turtles like to eat jellyfish).  Being surrounded by jellyfish added an extra challenge to netting lobster!

I also spotted my first lionfish on Saturday- two of them actually.  They weren’t on the reef, but were hanging out under grassy ledges with the lobster.  Although it was painful to remove them, as I think they are absolutely beautiful, I did remove them from the ocean.  For more information on how to report, capture, filet and even cook this invasive species, click here.  I hear lionfish is more tasty than hogfish even!  I am told lionfish Lazy Days style, at my favorite Islamorada restaurant (Lazy Days) is the best!